Know Before You Go


Before you schedule your appointment, please ensure the following:

  • Confirm you meet one of the 21 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use. You will need medical records confirming your diagnosis and treatment. Not sure if you qualify? Log onto the Medical Marijuana Control website for more information.

  • Access your past medical records from your primary care doctor or any specialists that have treated you for your qualifying condition. It can sometimes take 1-2 weeks for your doctor to prepare your records so plan accordingly.

  • Mail, fax, email, or hand deliver your relevant medical records to Access Cannabis at 1797 Hill Road North, Suite C, Pickerington OH 43147. Fax Number: 614-698-7614.

On Your Appointment Day

Please come at least 10 minutes early to your appointment to allow for completion of all patient paperwork.

  • Present your valid, active photo id to the receptionist. This can be a driver's license, non-driver ID card, or passport. 

  • You will then be escorted to the Access Cannabis waiting room.

  • Fill out any new patient paperwork or any updated forms the receptionist requests.

  • Deliver any new medical records for the physician to review.

  • Update any new patient contact information.

After Your Appointment

You will be given a handout with the next steps you will need to take to obtain your medical marijuana card and obtain any medicine.

  • Check your email for a link to the medical marijuana registration system. This should appear withing 24-48 hours of your visit.

  • Complete your online registration and pay the state's medical marijuana card registration fee.

  • Bring your medical marijuana card and photo ID to any operational medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Ohio or any partners states that may register for the program later.

  • Safely store your medications where they cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons, children, or pets.

  • Schedule your next quarterly appointment to renew your medical marijuana registration.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I qualify for a medical marijuana card?Certified physicians may recommend medical marijuana only for the treatment of a qualifying medical condition. A complete list of these conditions can be found here

  2. Can I get medical marijuana at my visit?No, physicians with a certificate to recommend cannot keep medical marijuana at their clinics. The only places to purchase medical marijuana is at a licensed marijuana dispensary. Please check the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website for a list of active dispensaries.

  3. Does my insurance cover my doctor’s visit or the cost of medical marijuana?          No, marijuana is still classified federally as a Schedule 1 drug. This means that it is federally illegal and insurance companies are not legally able to pay for any medical marijuana treatment.

  4. Can I share my medical marijuana with friends and family?                                   No, medical marijuana is meant for individual use only. Patients are responsible for ensuring that their medication is stored in a secure area that prevents theft or unauthorized use.

  5. Is the state considering adding other qualifying conditions for medical marijuana?                                                Yes, the state of Ohio accepted petitions for new qualifying conditions from November 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. The state will review these petitions and then consider adding new qualifying conditions in 2019. They may open another petition period in 2019, but there is no current information on this.

  6. Does Ohio allow for smokeable medical marijuana products?                                No, Ohio law prohibits the use of medical marijuana by smoking or combustion, though it does allow for vaporization (vaping). The state allows for the production and consumption of: oils, tinctures, plant material, edibles, and patches.

  7. Can I buy medical marijuana from other states?                                                  Currently, the State Board of Pharmacy is attempting to negotiate and enter into agreements with neighboring states to allow for purchase across state lines. No agreements are in place as of February 1, 2019.

  8. Can I grow my own marijuana?                No, state law prohibits the cultivation of marijuana for personal, family, or household use. Licensed marijuana grows are the only entities legally allowed to grow marijuana in the state of Ohio.

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